The world of industry is changing, and Carbon Nexus is helping to drive positive change to the way governments and companies harness the capabilities of carbon fibre, composite materials, and process engineering. Strongly supported by the Australian and Victorian governments and Australian technology and manufacturing industries, Carbon Nexus is leading the way in the next generation of carbon fibre technology.  

The Destination for Innovative Industries

Carbon Nexus is a purpose-built facility for industries who want to innovate, design, and develop the next generation of resource efficient, sustainable, and future-building carbon fibre structures and materials. Our open-access research and pilot carbon fibre lines are fully instrumented to be accessed by industry partners looking for the flexibility, security, and capability of exploring new carbonisation methods, optimising processes, and realising their project goals.

What Carbon Nexus Delivers?

  • A fit-for-purpose carbon fibre facility
  • Experience, research, and development on a world-class scale
  • A thorough understanding of your industry needs and project scalability
  • A highly experienced team of researchers, and engineers ready to collaborate with you
  • Flexibility, security, risk minimisation, and support throughout your project stages
  • Proof of concept
  • Tailored and intensive training programs for production line staff
  • A strong intellectual property (IP) pipeline and an enviable track record in successful industry engagement for positive impact.

Composite materials & resins

Carbon Nexus is pioneering the next generation of resins and composite materials from prototypes to production. As renowned specialists in matrix resin development and composite manufacturing, industries and researchers alike are partnering up with us to utilise our world-class facilities and capabilities. In Carbon Nexus, a one-of-a-kind facility, companies can fully realise their innovative goals as you explore, test, and develop composite components and resins from precursor structure right through to scalable manufacturing.
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Precursor fibre

Groundbreaking carbon fibre quality and performance begins at the source, and discovering the ultimate blend of precursor polymers to form the future of superior carbon fibre begins at Carbon Nexus. With our purpose-built facility and innovative technology, we have the unique capability of engineering precursor fibre to maximise strength and minimise defects and impurities.
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Carbon fibre

Carbon Nexus are world-leaders of new carbon fibre production, paving the way for a future-building smart-tech carbon fibre industry in Australia and across the globe. We are the proud home of the cutting-edge technology and innovative minds making breakthroughs in advanced manufacturing and smart system growth, such as bio-based composites, low energy manufacture, improved compression, recyclability, and the world’s first carbon fibre with tailored functionality.
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