Carbon Nexus are pioneering the next generation of resins and composite materials from prototypes to production. As renowned specialists in matrix resin development and composite manufacturing, industries and researchers alike are partnering up with us to utilise our world-class facilities and capabilities in this space.

Superior Matrix Resin Development

Our ability to tailor the chemistry and molecular structure in network polymers has enabled the development of new resins capable of superior performance, opening new and exciting doors in manufacturing and production.


  • Synthesis of novel epoxy monomers
  • Tailored resins for specific applications and fabrication technologies
  • Self-healing resins polymers and vitrimers
  • Bio-based and high temperature resins

The benefits boasted by our resins include:

  • High and low temperature performance
  • Increased toughness
  • Multifunctional capabilities; and
  • More efficient processability

Composite Materials Manufacturing

In Carbon Nexus’ one-of-a-kind facility, companies can fully realise their innovative goals as you explore, test, and develop composite components from precursor structure right through to scalable manufacturing. Industries can utilise everything Carbon Nexus has to offer including:

  • Out of autoclave (OOA) composite manufacturing : compression moulding and infusion methods
  • Prototype development of composite components
  • Design, fabrication, and testing of innovative composite structures
  • Tailoring performance and processing of polymer matrix and composite
  • Optimisation of the fibre matrix interface
  • An world class team of expert researcher in network polymers and synthetic polymer chemistry