Carbon Nexus are world-leaders of new carbon fibre production, paving the way for a future-building smart-tech carbon fibre industry in Australia and across the globe. We are the proud home of the cutting-edge technology and innovative minds making breakthroughs in advanced manufacturing and smart system growth.    

Low-cost Carbon Fibre with Rapid Oxidation Technology

Of all the steps to producing high quality carbon fibre and composites, the oxidation process uses the most energy.

With our new rapid oxidation, low energy consumption technology, the oxidation processing time can be decreased from 80-110 minutes to 15 minutes, producing more carbon fibre in less time, less energy, and lower capital costs.   

Environmentally Sustainable Carbon Fibre & Composites

The future of next generation carbon fibre and composites is hinged on the future of our planet, and Carbon Nexus are driving the change towards environmentally sustainable composites from bio-based sources that can be disassembled, recycled, and given new life.  

Bio-derived carbon fibre 

Carbon Nexus has made significant ground in exploring bio-derived carbon fibre that brings with it superior characteristics to petroleum-based precursors. In a world first, we have successfully demonstrated its ability to be manufactured at scale, inspiring a promising future of net zero emissions for industries and manufacturing.   

Improved Compression and Recyclability of Carbon Fibres & Composites  

Carbon Nexus researchers are successfully unlocking the potential of a new family of resin to tailor the carbon fibre microstructure and chemistry and create entirely new composite materials.  

The new materials are designed for disassembly and can be recycled, repaired, and restored in a continuous lifecycle.  

The success of these environmentally sustainable carbon composites was showcased in partnership with Danish wind turbine company, Vestas.  

By improving the compression strength of carbon fibres and their composites through the newly created carbon fibre and composite materials, Carbon Nexus created materials for carbon fibre wind turbine blades that were low cost, high performance, and environmentally sustainable.  

Carbon Fibre with Tailored Functionality

Carbon fibre is famously known for being one of the strongest materials in the world. But its strength has also historically been its weakness in its lack of surface functionality – until now.  Through rigorous study, research, and testing, Carbon Nexus have achieved what was previously thought impossible. In developing and implementing surface modification techniques, we have unlocked the secret to allowing the surface of carbon fibre to be tailored through chemical application for specific manufacturing and commercial purposes.  Just some of these breakthrough discoveries include:  

  • The ability to absorb more energy  
  • Producing bio-inspired colour generation to naturally alter the surface’s colour  
  • Increasing tensile strength by up to 30%