The Carbon Nexus facility at Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Materials is the world’s largest open access  carbon fibre research and manufacturing centre. With a suite of world-class facilities that deliver globally significant, university-based, industrial-scale research, we’re propelling industries into the future and facilitating the growth of a new generation of carbon fibre products and technologies.  

Materials characterisation, testing & processing

Revolutionary results call for exceptional processing, quality, and testing control. The Carbon Nexus facility is equipped with purpose-built technology to conduct every critical step in measuring fibre density, material characterisation, tensile properties and testing, surface area analysis, tension, and surface tension, so you can produce superior results.
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Precursor spinning lines

Carbon fibre is only as superior as its precursor, and Carbon Nexus offers a unique solution at every specification and scale for spinning precursor fibres. Our impressive suite of capabilities allows you the ability to optimise your precursor fibres throughout the processing stages, giving you opportunities to achieve superior outcomes at every turn.
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Carbonisation lines

Carbon Nexus’ carbonisation lines deliver unparalleled operational flexibility, optimal security, and freedom to innovate for industry partners. Suited to both translational research and prototype development, the engineering capabilities of our industry standard and wet spinning carbonisation lines provide an end-to-end solution for your carbon fibre projects from precursor polymer and white fibre to the finished product.
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