Carbon Nexus’ carbonisation lines deliver unparalleled operational flexibility, optimal security, and freedom to innovate for industry partners. 

Suited to both translation research and prototype development, the engineering capabilities of our industry-standard and wet spinning carbonisation lines provide an end-to-end solution for your carbon fibre projects from precursor polymer and white fibre to the finished product.   

Complete Solution Carbonisation Technology

Our carbonisation lines are purpose-built to provide a complete solution to carbonisation that includes: 

  • Innovative low and high temperature furnaces
  • Ability to apply multiple configurations
  • All resources to produce and analyse carbon fibre
  • Facilities for testing efficiencies, reviewing results, and ability to optimise the production process

Staff Training for Carbon Fibre Manufacturing

The Carbon Nexus facility offers carbon fibre manufacturers the rare opportunity to expertly train your staff in production processes within a controlled environment.

Using our industrial-scale carbon fibre pilot line alongside our broad carbon fibre expertise, our in-house production training removes the pressures of training staff in a commercial setting and minimises disruption to your operations, projects, and schedules.  

Protecting your Intellectual Property

Airtight security during your carbon fibre research is crucial. Carbon Nexus provides sophisticated protocols and systems to ensure your intellectual property remains safe and secure.  

Carbon Fibre Pilot Line Resources

Companies working with Carbon Nexus’ Pilot Line will have access to:

A 50 to 100 tonne per annum commercial grade carbon fibre pilot line featuring: 

  • 30-position creel capable of mounting precursor bobbins from 1kg to 100kg
  • Four-zone centre-to-end oxidation ovens 
  • Multi-zone low temperature furnace 
  • Multi-zone high temperature carbonisation furnace 
  • Electrolytic surface treatment cell with contact drying 
  • Sizing system with non-contact drying 
  • 30-position collection and winding system 
  • Treatment system for exhaust gas emissions