Carbon fibre is only as superior as its precursor, and Carbon Nexus offers a unique solution at every specification and scale for spinning precursor fibres. Our impressive suite of capabilities allows you the ability to optimise your precursor fibres throughout the processing stages, giving you opportunities to achieve superior outcomes at every turn. 

Benchtop Scale Wet Spinning

Carbon Nexus can spin up to 20 filaments (0.02K) in our bench-top wet spinning facility, enabling the generation of fibres from very small samples of polymer. Our facility is also capable of electro-spinning of nano-fibres as an initial means of assessing spinnability. 

Laboratory Scale Wet Spinning

The Institute of Frontier Materials offers laboratory-scale wet-spinning on a line provided by Dissol, Korea. 

Research Pilot Scale Wet Spinning

Together with CSIRO, Deakin University has jointly invested in Australia’s only research pilot scale wet spinning line. The “SSOLVE Mini” machine was developed by MAE S.p.A., Italy, to our specifications and is capacity-matched to the Carbon Nexus research scale carbonisation line. The wet-spinning line is capable of a range of flexible operations, including the following: 

  • Wet spinning 
  • Airgap spinning 
  • Bi-component spinning, with two separate temperature-controlled dope mixers and twin spin-pumps 
  • Capable of utilising a range of solvents including DMSO, DMF and DMAC 
  • Precursor filament counts up to 500 filaments (0.5K) 
  • Steam stretching and relaxing 
  • Fully configurable washing and stretching baths with automated concentration control